Contingency Fund – Cash reserves to cover operational expenses, taxes, rent, contracts, etc….

Covering Provider(s) – Another mental health professional qualified to take on all or part of your practice in the event of an emergency or practice closure.

HIPAA Covered Entity – Any individual or organization that files claims or keeps electronic health records is likely a covered entity.

HITECH Act – Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH): This congressional act of 2009 promotes the adoption and meaningful use of health information technology and established new privacy and security compliance requirements, incentives for adopting electronic health records, and steeper penalties for violating regulations.

Records – All information or documents, in any medium that the counselor keeps about the client, excluding personal and psychotherapy notes.

Records Custodian – A professional colleague who agrees to serve as the caretake of client records for another mental health professional. Ordinarily, this should be a trusted colleague who holds the same or similar license.

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