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ACA139 - Counseling Military Families

May 21, 2012 12:00am

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The following questions will be addressed:

  1. Why did you write the book and what does it offer?
  2. Why should counselors be concerned with distinctions/differences between military families vs. civilian families?
  3. Why do people join the military and who joins?
  4. What are some of the basic cultural issues that all counselors should know or understand about military families?
  5. How is the military different now (as a volunteer force) than in the past when it was required service?
  6. How do counselors in different settings (i.e. private practice, VA, schools, etc) use this information?
  7. What are the "typical" transition stages that families go through when a service member is deployed or gone for long term training?
  8. What are a few distinct issues for military spouses and military dependents?
  9. When I was working with military families overseas, I noticed soldiers felt a stigma would be attached to them if they sought counseling and that it would somehow affect their ability to move up in the ranks.
  10. What are your thoughts regarding this perceived stigma?
  11. We often talk about concerns/issues that cause stress with military families – but what are the positives, the strengths of military life for families?
  12. ACA now has 50,000 members, many of them are clinical counselors who will be listening to this podcast, is there anything I have not asked you that you want our members to know?


  1. Summarize the basic tenets of Counseling Military Families
  2. Determine the importance of developing specific techniques for counseling military families

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