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ACA313 - Play and Humor in Counseling, fifth edition

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Source:The Creative Arts in Counseling, Fifth Edition, by Samuel T. Gladding

In this chapter, I explore the multidimensional premises behind the power of play and humor as well as the practical use of play and humor in counseling. I treat each of these modalities separately and show how each may be used in counseling. In addition, I explain and illustrate how play and humor can be used with a variety of populations (e.g., from children to older adults) and in various settings (e.g., from groups to families). The use of play and humor with other creative arts (e.g., drama and the visual arts) is also discussed.


  1. Explore multidimensional premises behind play and humor as well as the practical use of play and humor in counseling
  2. Examine various forms of play and humor and strategies for how these can be used in counseling with a wide variety of client populations


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Steve Jordan
12/3/17 12:55 pm

I could not open up this online course. Any help will be appreciated. Steve Jordan

Judith Sugg
12/4/17 1:12 pm

this is confusing -- what is the "course"?

Barbara Daubenspeck
12/4/17 1:39 pm

It looks to me like you need to Click on 'overview'; download the handout.. and then go to CE information and take the quiz on the reading.

Renate Stewart
12/4/17 2:24 pm

I read the handout and took the quiz/evaluation and can find no way to submit. Please help.

Elsa Soto Leggett
12/4/17 5:12 pm

It worked for me!! Great stuff, thanks.

Kevin Stoltz
12/4/17 7:36 pm

This will be a good chapter for my students. Thank you!

Molly Stehn
12/5/17 10:19 am

The course is the book chapter. You need to download the handout, read it, and take the quiz.

Margarita Magner
12/5/17 10:33 am

I cannot find the quiz/evaluation or where to submit it. Please help.

Tommy Barbosa
12/5/17 11:04 pm

I am unable to print my certificate. The like gave me a 404 error code. What do I do.

Heather Rowley
12/6/17 11:38 am

I totally agree and LOVE LOVE LOVE this information

Terrah Hinson
12/6/17 12:59 pm

I cannot open the course information and handouts. Please help.

Deanna Kasper
12/8/17 7:54 am

I do not understand why when I retake test I can not get a higher grade.

Ellen Bargeron
12/8/17 1:39 pm

I want to know what I missed on the exam, but don't see a way to find that out. Please advise.

Elizabeth Hocker
12/10/17 2:18 pm

Does anyone know where I might find more free CEU's online?

Reese Lee
12/12/17 6:57 am

I am in the same position as Renate Stewart. I also read the handout and took the quiz/evaluation and can find no way to submit. I see know way to print a certificate either. I'm not very happy with this new system. The old one was much more straightforward.

Joseph Calderone
12/13/17 4:19 pm

can't get into the quiz or submit

Mariela Guzman
12/19/17 1:47 pm

Not working.

12/23/17 9:15 am

very confusing and not able to access!

Chris McNaught
12/26/17 6:16 pm

I just completed the chapter and quiz. I notice a lot of people have had difficulty with this one, although it's unclear why. Is it a user issue or a system issue? For those having trouble: Start on the "Overview" tab. On the right side of the screen, click on "Download Handout." Read that chapter. When you're done reading, click on the "CE Information" tab. Click on the "Quiz" button. If you pass the quiz, the system will generate a CE certificate for you to download or print. Once you've taken the quiz the green button on the "CE Information" tab changes to "Print Certificate." Under that button is a link to "Review Answers."