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ACA318 - Reality Therapy, Choice Theory: What's the Difference?, sixth edition

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Source: Counseling and Psychotherapy: Theories and Interventions, Sixth Edition, edited by David Capuzzi and Mark D. Stauffer

Reality therapy, a practical method based on theory and research, aims to help people take better charge of their lives and fulfill their needs. Choice theory is the theoretical basis for reality therapy and is built on principles that emphasize current motivation for human choices and changes. To help clients make such changes, the counselor focuses on realistic choices, especially those touching on human relationships. The goals of reality therapy are twofold: process goals and outcome goals. The reality therapist helps clients examine their own behavior, evaluate it, and make plans for change. The outcome is more satisfying relationships, increased happiness, and a sense of inner control of their lives.


  1. Distinguish reality therapy from choice theory
  2. Examine major constructs, applications, and efficacy of reality therapy
  3. Explore traditional and current intervention strategies used by reality therapists
  4. Examine ethical and multicultural considerations for counselors using reality therapy


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  • 2.00 - Clock Hours
  • 2.00 - NBCC
  • 2.00 - CRCC
  • 2.00 - Ohio Hours

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