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ACA321 - Multicultural Career Counseling: Limitations of Traditional Career Theory and Scope of Training and Using the Genogram for Career Assessment and Intervention With an Economically Disadvantaged Client

Credits: None available.

Standard: $32.00
Members: $22.00


*Counselors requiring New York State approval must contact ACA upon completion to obtain customized CE certificate

Source: Postmodern Career Counseling: A Handbook of Culture, Context, and Cases, edited by Louis A. Busacca and Mark C. Rehfuss

The first chapter explores how diverse clients fit into existing career development theories and consider how well these theories explain and support the experiences of clients, The second chapter introduces the career genogram as a postmodern tool for working with clients who are considered economically disadvantaged.


  1. Explore how diverse clients fit into existing career development theories
  2. Understand how career development theories explain and support the experiences of a wide range of diverse clients
  3. Examine how the career genogram can be used with economically disadvantaged clients


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  • 1.00 - Clock Hours
  • 1.00 - NBCC
  • 1.00 - CRCC
  • 1.00 - Ohio Hours
  • 1.00 - New York Hours

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Jennifer Seng
5/1/18 6:18 pm

I would like to know the answers to this exam if possible. I feel as though I answered the questions verbatim from the handout so I am confused by my score. Thank you.

Tracy McCafferty
5/2/18 11:31 am

I agree that something seems to be faulty with the test. Have read the article three times and cannot see how many of my answers could be considered wrong. Thank you.

Patricia Northcutt
5/2/18 5:35 pm

Please provide the answers to the questions, so I will know what I got wrong.

Erin Welsh
5/3/18 10:42 am

something is not right with this exam. i have literally read for word and continue to not get passign score.

Diane Stieper
5/3/18 3:47 pm

I agree- I am missing one answer. Please provide the answers to the test. Thank you, Diane

Hannah Slattery
5/3/18 5:28 pm

Yes, I believe that I have answered all the questions correctly and am getting a fail grade.

Jean Raper
5/3/18 10:43 pm

I don't understand why I'm getting an error 401 when trying to down load the information.

Cindy Escandell
5/4/18 7:41 am

I also would like to see the answers. I passed, but apparently missed one question. I am curious as to which question I missed.

Nancie Eliscar
5/4/18 12:04 pm

I have tried many time to answer the questions on the test but I was enable to submit my answers.

Patricia Hollinger
5/5/18 11:17 am

Once again I have not been able to complete the test above 75%. This also happened to me with the Private Practice CE. This has NEVER happened to me prior to these past two CE's. I have ALWAYS completed with 100%. Sometimes needing to retake, but always met the criteria. I am SO VERY FRUSTRATED. What is wrong?

Rachael Lowery
5/5/18 9:52 pm

When providing a handout to the chapter, could there please also be an included copy of the cover page of the book/article or the table of contents in the book?

Chanel Rice
5/10/18 12:44 pm

If you go under CE Information, under print certificate, you can review the answers.....

Krishnia Coleman
5/18/18 10:39 am

I am absolutely terrified to take the exam, per the discourse below. I hope everyone gets their resolution before I can confidently move forward.

Evelyn Jones
5/21/18 2:35 pm

After reading the comments, I am very hesitant to begin this lesson for the CE. I believe I would like to start with another one. Especially, since this is my first time and I'm a new member.

Patricia MacDonald
5/23/18 7:53 pm

I'd benefit from learning which of the ten questions I got wrong. Without that information, I can't be sure of any of my answers. It causes me to distrust the validity of the test. just sayin'.

Marjorie Hendrickson
5/24/18 10:22 pm

Hi, I am licensed in NY and will need the certificate for NY. Thanks. I also submitted this request through the chat box. Marjorie Hendrickson

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