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Educational Session

LIVA19011 - Ten Ways to Intentionally Use Group Work to Transform Hate and Enhance Community Building

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The Association for Specialists in Group Work recently created a best-practice document that provides 10 ways that group work can be used to transform hate, facilitate courageous conversations, and enhance community building. Come and meet the authors of this document, who will discuss group work strategies for creating brave, affirming, and humanizing spaces; cultivating cultural humility; engaging in intentional unity building, and much more. Key resources, videos, training tools, and websites will also be shared.


  • Dr. Lorraine J. Guth, PhD, Professor, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Dr. Ana I. Puig, PhD, Scholar & Research Director and Affiliate Faculty, University of Florida
  • Dr. Christian D. Chan, PhD, Assistant Professor of Counseling, Idaho State University
  • Anneliese A. Singh, PhD, Professor and Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, The University of Georgia
  • Hopeton A. Bailey, Graduate Assistant and Graduate Student, Indiana University of Pennsylvania


  • 1.00 - Clock Hours
  • 1.00 - NBCC
  • 1.00 - CRCC
  • 0.00 - NAADAC
  • 1.00 - New York Hours
  • 1.00 - Washington Hours

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Joseph Armstrong
7/10/19 10:26 am

Hand outs for the case studies had two pages, it appeared like case #2 was missing information because it stop mid sentence on the last line. The other handout included the slides for the program but I did not want to print it because there where picture of the Presenters on the slides and I did not want to use the ink to print pictures of the presenters rather than a basic slide that would have only had the information.

Sue Pressman
7/10/19 11:35 pm

Great Review! Thank You!

William Carpenter
7/11/19 3:35 pm

Where is the transcript?

Renee Lovejoy
7/11/19 7:36 pm

Brochure that is mentioned that has the different types of models to utilize is not listed in available handouts to download.

JaDonnia Bishop
7/11/19 8:13 pm

This session was informative, thought provoking and action-oriented. Using those 10 ACA counselor guidelines for practice, to help frame the approach was so relevant and easily utilized strategically. When the exercise was presented, I was already naturally inclined to take an approach in my strategy to promote empathy among group members. It was made clear to me that my strategic intervention, though largely using my own voice, and engaging members in a 'difficult' topic of discussion to raise their awareness,place them in the subject's place, reflected and aligned with these competencies. Counselors, educators, new and experienced, and others doing group work, will find these strategies useful to adopt in their settings, clinical, community or education. I enjoyed this presentation, from beginning to end and even took notes!

Barbara O´Rourke
7/12/19 9:32 am

Sad but telling, no mention of persons with disabilities (PWD) as a marginalized group. A group of individuals who remain consistently disempowered and disrespected in our culture. This may be especially true for individuals with invisible disabilities. Rehabilitation professionals for PWD were the original explorers and researchers about the dynamics of power and prejudice (Beatrice Wright, Kurt Lewin, etc.)

Melinda Norin
7/12/19 7:15 pm

If I may add a thought... as a corporate trainer since the early 80's -- before the therapeutic application of these concepts for group work -- the use of leadership, taking immediate control, deflecting negativity, publicly complimenting the person facing the group challenge, and the use of appropriate humor adequately addressed group issues. However, as an Organizational Psychologist, I appreciate this research and valuable reflective questions.

Diana Mihailovich
6/16/20 4:31 pm

Beautiful conversation, nice use of mindfulness, super speakers. :)

Edward Dwyer
9/5/20 9:46 am

Lots of useful information but as was mentioned the handout would have been more helpful without the photos and with only screen shots of program information.

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