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VIDEO20001 - Interstate Compacts for Professional Counseling: The Pathway to Licensure Portability

Jun 1, 2020 3:00pm ‐ Jun 30, 2020 3:00pm

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*Counselors requiring New York State approval must contact ACA upon completion to obtain customized CE certificate.

Relocating to a new jurisdiction or state means counselors must reapply for a license. Navigating various state requirements can be challenging and discouraging for counselors faces with having to acquire more supervision or training hours. ACA is working with other organizations to create an Interstate Compact that will allow counselors to move from state to state with fewer hurdles.

Learning Objectives:
  • Understand what a compact can do for the profession.
  • Hear about ACA's role in developing the compact.
  • Discuss factors involved in creating an interstate compact for counselors.


  • Lynn E. Linde, EdD, Senior Director, The Center for Counseling Practice, Policy and Research, American Counseling Association
  • John P. Duggan, EdD, Senior Manager, Education, ACA, American Counseling Association


  • 1.00 - Clock Hours
  • 1.00 - NBCC
  • 1.00 - CRCC
  • 1.00 - New York Hours
  • 1.00 - Washington Hours

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Warren Schaeffer
6/1/20 10:49 am

The course is very informative and I find it to be useful. Is there any information regarding the interstate compact with school counselors as well? What this be applicable as well because in certain states as school counselors; you have to take exams to get certified or choose a specific grade or in other states is reciprocal and is vetted.

Shannon King
6/5/20 4:25 pm

I would love something to happen around this soon! I have had so many issues with trying to obtain my license having moved to CA from AZ, including CA accepting my schooling. It should be a blanketed policy upon all schools and all states!

Wanda Rousseau
6/6/20 8:30 pm

This was very informative and I am excited to see this happen in the near future (i.e. the next 2 years) which will be around the time that I obtain my Masters degree in counseling. I am retired from the military and not sure if I want the make AL my final home of record. I would like to be added to the mailing list with updates on this future program/association and also interested in membership.

Melissa Rentas
6/7/20 7:27 pm

Great information. Thank you for this. I can see the need for this even more so in light of the current world and national crisis.

Meredith Price
6/9/20 6:18 pm

This was incredibly helpful. Please keep us updated. A compact is SO needed in our profession.

Jacqueline Edwards
6/10/20 6:36 pm

This was very informative. I am looking forward to receive more information as the grassroots efforts starts to take off.The interstate compact for professional counseling is needed more than ever now that so many people are in need of help and the more portable our licenses are the more people we can help.

Yvonne Raffini
6/13/20 9:15 pm

Personally experienced a problem when I returned to my Home state to offer no cost training to learn to work with a small task group for young adults with barriers to employment. My LPC-S licence from Texas was not accepted in the State of WI where I originally held my LPC in WI (18 yrs) before I became a resident of Texas. I am willing to support the efforts of this Compact group. Respect the great work of Dr. Lynn E. Linde, Chief Knowledge and Learning Officer and Dr. John Dugan who asked excellent questions!

Richard Deise
6/14/20 3:17 pm

Excellent resource! I recently moved to South Carolina and it took me about 6-8 months of effort and it included NBCC providing a whole host of common elements. Applying without NBCC-verification, I imagine it would taken much longer. Despite the many elements, I really did rely on the total comprehension of the NBCC and the State of South Carolina to vet the requirements of Maryland. I am forever grateful.

Tamaiiko Singleton
6/19/20 10:54 am

This course was very informative to me because I plan on moving to another state in a few years, so it was interesting to know what I could be facing in the event that the compact is not in place by the time I move. I will continue to follow the information in regards to the progress made towards this.

Elaine Ratliff
6/22/20 9:42 am

Great information, I am looking forward to seeing what the future will bring regarding Licensure Portability.

Antoinette Cambria
6/22/20 7:55 pm

Great information! The need for a compact license for portability is needed now, more than ever. I believe that we are going to be using more telehealth services moving forward, even after the pandemic subsides. I just hope the legislators will finally recognize the need for our crucial services and that our state of residence shouldn't prevent us fro providing quality care to clients in need.

Traci Orum
6/24/20 8:57 pm

This 40:58 minutes video was very informative. I'm hopeful that this compact will get off the ground in the Winter of 2021. I'm considering moving to another state and this would be very helpful to me seeking employment in counseling. I look forward to reading and/or watching more videos on this topic. Please keep me posted on any updates on the compact. Thank you for this valuable information.

Zina Mercil
7/14/20 9:41 pm

This was incredibly informative, important to our clients and us as professionals, and affects me personally. I am curious if and how the timeline has shifted, (accelerated or slowed) by the impact of Covid?

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