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WEBA18002 - Private Practice: Managing Your Business

Credits: None available.

Standard: $49.00
Members: $29.00


Member:  $29.00
Non-Member:   $49.00

*Counselors requiring New York State approval must contact ACA upon completion to obtain customized CE certificate

In this third webinar of the Private Practice series, Dr. Legge discusses ways to keep your business running smoothly. Topic such as billing, coding, note keeping, and HIPAA requirements are reviewed.

Learning Objectives:

In this webinar participants will:

  1. Learn how to set professional fees.
  2. discover how to work with third-party payers.
  3. Learn how to successfully transition from an insurance model to a self-pay model.


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  • 1.00 - CRCC
  • 1.00 - New York Hours

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Warren Schaeffer
4/2/18 12:31 pm

Although, I am someone who went into the school counseling I feel this is essential because I think we should have a clear understanding of private practice as well.

Charles Esposito
4/3/18 1:40 pm

Please provide an alternative to listening to a webinar. I really find the audio webinar format to be a strain when I'm working in an office suite with other counselors and trying to ensure privacy. I also do not enjoy exclusively listening in an audio format for the content of a course when as a professional counselor I listen actively for many hours with clients. I really think it's important to allow for learners like myself and for people who make an investment in ACA membership to have a delivery of content in a visual format that a counselor like myself can use in a way that is both complementary to the day in practice and optimally beneficial to counselors for retaining the information. Please provide more written text course content or at least provide a supplement when a podcast must be accepted as a "free" (we pay for the 1 credit mini course by our membership) CE course.

Candace Wall
4/5/18 10:13 am

Please offer this in written transcript as well. My computer does not have audio option, unfortunately.

Donna-Jean Lynott
4/5/18 4:40 pm

Would prefer to have a written transcript of the webinar. I can write notes on the printed transcript and can keep it in my files for future reference.

Mary Spencer
4/6/18 11:36 am

Please offer this in written form. That way if I wish to reference it at a later date, I can do so easily. Thank you.

Karen Colby
4/7/18 11:47 am

This was probably the most boring session I have ever had in all of the years I have been doing this. I couldn't finish the webinar and still got 100%. I was willing to take this chance rather than waste my time. The speakers were so monotone, the topic was irrelevant for me as a school counselor, and the whole process is different than prior courses and the program is terrible to try to follow and use on this webinar.

William Carpenter
4/7/18 2:56 pm

As the others have stated, where is the PDF? I listen to people for 40+ contact hours a week in my office. I look forward to the PDF with a cup of coffee. This will be the first ACA CE I haven't taken in a long time.

Karla Stovall
4/9/18 10:01 am

The start of this video showed a place to ask questions to the presenter and a place to leave notes but when the video started I could not find these tools. can I receive a paper copy of the information contained in this video? Thanks Karla Stovall LPC email address: kestovalllpc@gmail.com

Ramiro Correia
4/13/18 4:42 pm

Can you please send me a transcript? This is a quite relevant subject to explore and take notes on an underlined closely-read transcript. Thank you. My email: ramirofc1968@hotmail.com

Martin Dermody
4/14/18 10:46 am

I was surprised there was no CC option or a text version I could read. Listening to the audio makes this very hard for hearing impaired! Maybe I missed something on my player, they only options I had were to enlarge the screen and slow the rate down, not sure what use that was.

Charles Schrier
4/20/18 2:03 pm

Spend an hour listening to what I can read in a few minutes?

Emily Holden
4/28/18 4:17 pm

This webinar provided crucial information to clinician's going into private practice. Thank you for being so thorough in your review of the process of developing and managing a business. I would also appreciate having this webinar transcripted to be able to review important detail. Thank you.

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