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ACA 2018 Conference & Expo Sessions

303 - Group Counseling 101: Fifteen Essential Skills

Apr 28, 2018 2:00pm ‐ Apr 28, 2018 3:30pm


Essential group leadership skills will be discussed and demonstrated. Skills for the beginning, middle and closing phases will be shown. Much time will be spent on the art of engagement—a key skill in effectively leading groups. Skills for controlling difficult members will be highlighted. Creative leadership skills will be presented along with ways to engage other members while working with one member. Skills for conducting and processing exercises will be demonstrated. You will leave with new ideas.

The workshop will focus on group leadership skills.  Fifteen essential skills will be presented, including clarity of purpose, use of eyes, processing exercises effectively, drawing out, blocking/intervening, holding, shifting, deepening the focus, and engaging members in creative, inclusive ways.  Demonstrations of skills will be presented. The leadership model is an active model with a CBT/Adlerian/Choice Theory foundation.  Skills for all three phases of a session, the warm-up, middle, and closing will be discussed. Focus will be on the skills needed for the art of engagement and the art of control—two major concepts in all group leading.

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will cite at least three more ways to be creative in group counseling sessions.
  • Participants will identify at least three ways to make group counseling more engaging.
  • Participants will identify at least five creative techniques that work with difficult, mandated clients.


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Surnedra Simmons
4/30/18 10:31 am

Great session!!! I really enjoyed the visuals when introducing a new concept to groups.