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Play and Humor in Counseling

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This chapter has emphasized that although counseling is not a play or comic activity, various forms of play and humor can be used in a therapeutic way (known as play therapy) with children, adolescents, adults, older persons, groups, and couples/families.

The Creative Arts in Counseling, Fourth Edition, by Samuel T. Gladding


  1. Realize the similarities and differences in play and humor and the negative consequences of not playing or laughing enough in life
  2. Become aware of a variety of ways that play and humor, and play therapy, may be used in counseling
  3. Distinguish between play and play therapy and the importance of each
  4. Identify various ways play and humor can contribute to the well-being of individuals at various life stage, e.g., childhood, adolescence, adulthood, older adulthood, and how play and humor can be used with groups and families as well
  5. Realize that play and humor can be combined with other creative arts to produce powerful therapeutic techniques



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