Ryan F. Reese PhD

Assistant Professor and in private practice, Oregon State University Cascades and in private practice

Ryan is a licensed professional counselor, licensed school counselor, national certified counselor, and approved clinical supervisor. He is an assistant professor in the OSU Cascades master of counseling program in Bend, Oregon and is in private practice at EcoWellness Counseling & Consulting in Bend, Oregon, where he specializes in the integration of EcoWellness into counseling and therapy. Ryan developed the EcoWellness construct (Reese & Myers, 2012), the associated assessment (Reese et al., 2015), and guiding EcoWellness ethical principles (Reese, 2016). His work was recently highlighted in the May 2018 issue of Counseling Today. He is currently involved in a variety of scholarly activities related to the construct. He enjoys whitewater rafting, fly fishing for steelhead, and spending time with his wife and children on the Oregon Coast.