Rob Reinhardt MEd, LPCS, NCC

CEO, Rob Reinhardt, LPC, PA

Rob Reinhardt, M.Ed., LPCS, NCC has his own successfulcounseling practice and years of experience running, and working in a varietyof successful businesses. A former programmer and Director of InformationTechnology turned counselor, Rob has a unique background allowing him toseamlessly meld the worlds of technology and counseling. He offers thatexpertise to other counselors through multiple channels. Through his Tech Tutorcolumn in Counseling Today, his blog,and social media he provides timely, educational material on technology forcounselors. Several years ago, Rob launched Tame Your Practice, a consultingfirm that helps mental health professionals build and grow private practices.His work often involves helping counselors use technology to increaseefficiency and provide improved care to clients. Rob is a recognized expert inthe area of electronic record keeping and has published extensive articles andreviews of EMR, EHR and practice management software products. His additionalareas of expertise include HIPAA/HITECH, TeleHealth, social media marketing,practice management and the ethics of technology use in counseling. Rob is alsoa co-author of Private PracticePreparedness – The Health Care Professional's Guide to Closing a Practice Dueto Retirement, Death, or Disability with Anne Marie “Nancy” Wheeler, JD.