Sharon Givens MS

Chief Executive Officer of Visions Counseling and Career Center, Self Employed

Dr. Sharon Givens is a researcher, a licensed psychotherapist, career counselor,  trainer and academician.  She has over twenty years of professional experience. Sharon was the recipient of the Lorin Anderson Award for Doctoral Research. She is the CEO and Director of Visions Counseling and Career Center LLC. (VCCC).  VCCC is a premier private practice offering career counseling and coaching, mental health counseling and psychological testing with locations in Columbia SC,  Fort Mill, SC and Charlotte, NC. Sharon is also the sole proprietor of Training Visions, an international training firm, dedicated to providing customized training in the areas of career development, diversity and mentoring.  Dr. Givens is a member of  the Board of Directors for the National Career Development Association where she is creating a collective platform to promote career development programs and a universal standard of practice. This role also enables her to serve as an advocate for practitioners while staying abreast of the most current trends in the field. Dr. Givens ultimately believes that individuals have the resources within to reach their goals.