Pradnya Shinde MA

Recent Graduate, Hudson school

Pradnya Shinde is a graduate student in counseling program at New Jersey city university. She completed her bachelor's degree in electronics and communication engineering in Mumbai, India. After advocating for her son who has special needs, she has plans to advocate for other children who are in need. She is working as intern student in the public school in union city and in Leaguers, Newark where she provides play therapy to children from ages 3-12. She is facilitating therapy group for parents in the school in union city where she provides tools for parents to strengthen parent-child relationship. Pradnya's future plan is to become a licensed professional counselor (LPC) and registered play therapist (RPT). She intend to work with children and parents affected by trauma, abuse, neglect and emotional-psychological setback. Pradnya is a believer of power of play and deeply trusts therapeutic effects of play therapy. She thinks that toys are children's words and play is their language. During her sessions, she uses Child-Centered approach which is rooted in humanistic philosophy of self-actualization.