Brooke B. Collison PhD

Professor Emeritus, Counselor Education, Retired

Brooke Collison is a Fellow and Past President of ACA. He is Professor Emeritus of Counselor Education at Oregon State University. For the past four years, Dr. Collison has facilitated or co-facilitated support groups for caregivers, most of who were family members providing part- or full-time care for a spouse or other family member. Dr. Collison has also been a caregiver for his spouse who died in 2015. From his background as a counselor educator and his experience as facilitator of caregiver support groups, Dr. Collison has developed a non-curricular approach to support-group design and function as well as descriptions of the common issues expressed by most caregivers. His premise is that counselors can provide essential service to communities by facilitating caregiver support groups as volunteers or as part of a professional practice.