Misty M. Ginicola PhD

Professor/ Counselor, Southern CT State University/ Self-Employed

Dr. Misty Ginicola is a Professor in the Counseling and School Psychology department at Southern Connecticut State University. Dr. Ginicola is of Cherokee and Celtic ethnicity and identifies as two-spirited. Dr. Ginicola’s personal experiences and professional interests have developed into specific research interests and social justice advocacy in the areas of working with diverse clients and teaching multicultural competence, creative counseling strategies and counseling for the LGBTQ+ population. Her previous and ongoing research studies address the broad definition of multicultural issues, including culture, ethnicity, disability, women’s issues, affectional and gender orientation, among others. She has recently published a book Affirmative Counseling with LGBTQI+ People through ACA. In addition to her academic position, she operates a private counseling practice called Walk in Balance Counseling. One of her specialties, in addition to working with gender and affectional orientation minorities, is working with highly sensitive persons. She is currently working with Taylor & Francis on her book Counseling Highly Sensitive People.