Clemmont Vontress PhD

A native of Kentucky, Dr. Vontress received a bachelor’s degree in French and English from Kentucky State University in 1952. He obtained both a master’s (1956) and doctoral degree (1965) in counseling from Indiana University. After earning his doctorate, he joined the counseling faculty at Howard University, and in 1969, he became a counseling professor at George Washington University. Dr. Vontress was a frequent contributor to the counseling literature, especially on cross-cultural counseling. His book, Counseling Negroes (1971) was one of the first to call attention to the impact of culture on counseling. A university professor for over 40 years, he has taught at Southern, Howard, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State, Johns Hopkins, and George Washington universities. He has made several field trips to West Africa to study traditional healing. His last book is Cross-cultural counseling: A casebook (1999) with J. A. Johnson and L. R. Epp continues to be a very influential and top selling book on the study of multi-cultural theory and practice. A licensed psychologist for over thirty years, his career was devoted to expanding the counseling profession’s understanding of culture, existentialism and humanity.